Why us


Travel Elite Group is network of professionals of tourism in luxury segment from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Baltic Countries. More than 300 pre-selected agencies, crème-de la-crème of the travel industry are members of the Travel Elite.

Travel Elite Group, launched in Moscow in 2012, covers all areas of the marketing and promotion for the hotels and travel’s destinations, working together with the best luxury brands in industry such as hotel’s chains, private jets companies, dmc and other luxury suppliers.


We offer the next generation of marketing for luxury brands in travel & lifestyle. Projects that unit luxury travel agencies in Russia & CIS, Personal Assistants Club (network of the personal assistants and travel coordinators of non-travel companies) and Private Club “The Game” for the high-profile direct clients.


Under the authority of Travel Elite a number of regular events is held throughout a year, where Hotels and Hotel chains, DMCs, National Tourism Boards, airlines, concierge companies, health & beauty, aviation, property, travel, golf, events, jewellery & watches, entertainment & fashion and others can participate. Event and private party is one of the finest and most effective in the luxury industry.

We are experts in organizing and running high profile B2B and B2C events on a national and international basis. Our B2B events provide a platform for our members to regularly connect with each other and create new business development activities at top level.

Our B2C events allow our suppliers to promote their products and services to each other’s pre-qualified high net worth private clients and luxury agencies in a professional and structured arena.


The goal is to facilitate co-operation and new business development activities between top-end companies. Through Travel Elite Group unique partnerships are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placement, media share, B2B and B2C networking, sales and showcase events and brand partnering.

Interacting with Travel Elite the service suppliers have a unique opportunity to different target audiences at once: end customers, the best travel agencies and pool of Personal Assistants who are planning the trips of Top-managers leading corporations.

It’s so called Affinity Marketing, which is one of the most successful forms of new business development and involving companies to interact with the right people in a structured professional environment. For most luxury travel brands creating their own Affinity Marketing program from scratch is a very daunting task and typically requires considerable financial investment, time, director level contacts and a comprehensive activity plan.

Travel Elite Group with its program will play an essential role in your company’s strategic business development as an extension of your current marketing division. Everyone you meet will become an ambassador for your brand and a potential new strategic partner. As a member of The Luxury Network we offer ongoing support and a comprehensive program of Affinity Marketing activities designed to maximize your relationships with other luxury brands and generate a significant ROI.

Travel Elite Group Member Benefits

Membership of The Luxury Network runs for a 12 month rolling period and covers a single city or country network.

  • a one-off annual membership joining fee or every-event-sponsorship program;
  • strategic alignment with up to 100 high-end luxury hotels, DMC, private jet aviation, yacht brokers, other luxury brands in travel and lifestyle service providers in your geographical territory;
  • numerous business ambassadors for your brand;
  • senior MD, president, CEO and director level decision-making contacts;
  • the opportunity to work closely with other like-minded decision-making senior professionals from many of the world’s finest brands;
  • direct access to top level private clients;
  • direct access to top level travel advisors and travel agencies in Russia and CIS
  • social media, media and editorial opportunities;

 To find out more about joining please contact us via info@travelelitegroup.com — we will be delighted to send you further joining information and our annual membership fees or sponsorship packages.